I shipped something I bought back to the shop cause I wasnt happy with what I got. What will be there judgement after receiving the package back ?

Bad cards, they are agreeing with me that the product isnt what it supposed to be or they will disagree with me.

Looks like I will have a couple of discussions (birds+whip) in a angry tone or the problems remain the same (birds cross) because there is some anger about how things will be solved.

Feedback: I will get my money back but they asked me when I will ship back products the next time that I follow the rules regarding returning the products.



Today I send my resume out to a company not far from my place, I will call this company HN and I asked if I will work there. Bad Bad cards right but Coffin Mice could mean a stressful ending. It can even mean having unexpected luck in something. Mice dog can mean known stress. Maybe known stress (mice+dog) comes to an end (coffin). Mirroring the cards coffin + dog it says something known comes to an end. to be continued.

Feedback: Bad cards just meant a negative answer, no working at company HN. Coffin + Mice can mean feelings of depression , stays the same (dog)


I send my resume to another company and I was wondering if i will start working there. Overall good cards but with the scythe i just dont know. Scythe heart mean heart break, but heart sun can mean lucky feelings, pure joy, mirroring the cards scythe sun can mean sudden luck, it can even mean having joy because of a good contract. Because the mirrored cards are so positive i think I will get the job and read scythe+heart as sudden feelings of joy instead of heart ache or sorrow.


I send my resume for another job and asked the question if I will be working for this company in September. With these cards I dont think that this will happen, lets analize the cards further:
With key+whip it could mean I will have luck by acting decisive while being argumentive in wanting the job but still a seperation will occur instead of a union (whip scythe).
Or a seperation will occur if I dont act decisive during the job interview.
If I mirror the cards (key scythe) this can mean that there will be no luck but it could also mean that sudden good news is on my way because of work but/or I will get underpaid.

Feedback: Unfortunatelly I got rejected by email. It said that other candidates where more suited for the job.


I asked myself the following question: Will I sell jewelry this week ?
I got the following cards above. Interpreting these cards is tricky, fox child could mean renewed or new work because of a man. So maybe a new order is heading my way this week.

Feedback on wednesday: I got my first order this week pretty fast on monday and 2 orders soon after that. Feeling pretty good about it.


At the moment i have a parttime job but i need a fulltime job so i asked the cards: Will i find a fulltime job this year ?

It seems i will find a fulltime job this year, i will have enough choices and will get an invitation after an unsecure period, maybe in the financial world, crossroads fish. It will be a wellpaid job or it will be somewhere where the amount of work is growing, the job could be about sealife or working next to a big river or the job has to so with water, fish moon.
Mirroring the cards crossroads and moon, its again about a job proposition


My question was: Will I sell some jewelry this week ?
A good card amongst bad cards, thats a no 😦 If i would analise these cards more i would interpret this card combination as a dissapointing week, whip bouquet and maybe taking some distance from this proces,whip scythe.

But i am wondering if i could read these cards as suprising repeatition or conversation, whip bouquet because of a sudden suprise, bouquet scythe,.
But then mirroring the cards whip scythe sounds all negative, itcould mean a cancellation, so i stick with no sells.

Feedback: i hate to be right, but no sales this week, no cancellations either, i did receive lots of likes and favorites.

What will the rest of July bring me ?

Today i decided to do a 3×3 box spread , inspired by Rana’s book and this spread will be about the last view weeks of July.

I didnt prechose a single card but the birds will be the center during the last weeks in July; converations or small problems or stress
Trigger card is Clover: this could be about sudden luck, short luck, two of things.
I had a couple of small lucks

Corner cards or the theme cards are clover house, this could be about inner luck, luck in the house or family luck is on its way. Good news is on its way or my private live will change for the better. Both happened, i sold something on my shop and found a temporary job
Man Stars could be about a hopeful guy, a man with goals, a succesful person, a guy who is willing to do everything for me or just for someone, who is in love or I know this person from my past. Didnt see this guy. LOL, I meet this guy, trying to talk to me and offering a ride home, I think he lives in the neighbourhood.

The future , first column
Clover Letter Stars
This could be about receiving some hopeful and lucky but unexpected message shortly, within 2 days and maybe at night. This news will bring improvements (clover letter) and it can have to do with a new and successful commitment , partnership, either way it will bring new goals in life. Two lucky things happened, signing a work contract and selling something.

The future , second column
Moon, Birds, Tower could be about a desire about work will be fulfilled(moon birds) because of a telephone call (birds tower) Completely true

The future, third column
Man, Heart, House
A man in love(man heart) or just a loving and affectionate man (man heart), because of a beautiful house or just because of loyalty in love (heart house). This could be about a male neighbor or a family man, a sensitive romantic guy (man house) Didnt see him but my neighbour was strangely happy. I dont like him, he often beat up his wife, this could also be about the flirtatious guy I meet in the neighbourhood on the last day of july.

Concern, worries.
Clover Moon Man
Sentimental luck (clover moon) is about to happen because of an male person who is honest and trustworthy or because of fulfillment of a wish, about a house(change) or just because of achieved successes (moon man). This can happen within 3 days. (clover man) It could be about an agreement or just because of happy moments(clover moon) Wish fulfillment and achieved goals (signing a contract and selling something) starting in 4 days after this reading was done.

The situation, current events
Letter Birds Heart
This could be about news about a relationship or important or suprising messages (letter birds) which could lead to a hassle at first, with nervous feelings(birds heart)  but it will end well (letter birds). Or it could just be about a love letter in a love relationship(bird heart)
Having emotional conversations or emotional message exchanges. Important suprising messages and nervous feelings but everything went well

What is accepted, known or under control
Stars Tower House
Having succes in a big building about an aparment or bout 2 apartments next to each other. In general its about a new start or some new adjustments in a house or in myself

Indirect influences
Clover Bird House and Man birds stars
Luck is on its way, maybe after some sorrow, or because of misunderstandings or just because of two houses. Its about improvements in the house or in a person. Having unexpected hopeful conversations with a man. Luck and improvements in me accured

Direct impact
Moon Birds Tower and letter birds heart
A workrelated desire will be fullfilled after a phonecall, its about career and ambition. 
An emotional messages exchange. All true but its not a career Job

Moon letter tower heart moon
Could be message excange that is work related or emotional. Workrelated

I will update in August.


I asked myself the following question: Will I sell jewelry in July ?
I think that i will receive 2 orders or an order around the 22th of the month. Or i will make a decision regarding my shop or about what i have sold.

Feedback i received two orders this month, its not much but i was right in my readings


So I just finished the assesments, I hate tests, I always screw them up. But after the tests I was wondering if I will get a job interview invitation.
I asked myself the question: Will I get a job interview at S ?

I think its possible I will get an invitation for an interview. These cards talk about an unexpected gift / suprise (bouquet book) and about a meeting (bouquot house). But i feel i wont get an invitation.

Feedback on monday July 11th: I got invited for a job interview on next friday and yes to me it was a suprise, I thought I ruined the test but I got a call from a female and I will have an interview with only her.